Stations Table (MSSQL)

Table of all stations.


  • Table Name: staStations
  • Description: Stations list.


Column Type Default Xrefs Description
stationID PK int mapDenormalize.itemID
Unique station ID.
security smallint Station security level.
dockingCostPerVolume float Cost of docking per ship volume. Currently always zero.
maxShipVolumeDockable float Maximum volume of ship that can dock here (cubic meters).
officeRentalCost int Base office rental cost.
operationID tinyint staOperations.operationID
Station operaton mode.
stationTypeID int staStationTypes.stationTypeID
Station type.
corporationID int crpNPCCorporations.corporationID
Corporation ID of owning corporation.
solarSystemID int mapSolarSystems.solarSystemID
Solar system ID of solar system where station is located.
constellationID int mapConstellations.constellationID
Constellation ID of constellation where station is located.
regionID int mapRegions.regionID
Region ID of region where station is located.
stationName nvarchar(100) Station name.
x float X location of station in space.
y float Y location of station in space.
z float Z location of station in space.
reprocessingEfficiency float Base station reprocessing efficiency (percentage).
reprocessingStationsTake float Base station reprocessing tax (percentage).
reprocessingHangarFlag tinyint invFlags.flagID
Inventory flag for location of reprocessing output? Currently always 4 (Hangar).